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Scotland did you hear? The gyms are reopening on Monday! Read on for pushing past the 'returning to the gym anxiety'!


That's right, you've heard it. Big Nicola has given the go ahead to reopen the gyms on Monday next week! I know how eager I've been to get back to the gym and i'm guessing you guys are too.

Even though I'm excited to get started, I can't help but feel a bit nervous. The main thing is seeing how much strength I have lost. In the grand scheme of things, I know it's not a big deal. I just know that second day after the 1st workout back, is going to be K I L L E R!!!

In other words...DOMS for days.

It totally normal to feel anxious when the 'norm' changes, we had it when we went into lockdown and we have it transitioning back into normal life. The gyms being shut for so long, has only built on this feeling. However guys and gals, it's time to throw open the doors. We are going to face that fear head on!

If you are feeling anxious about going to the gym for the first time, it might be an idea to choose a quieter time to go. This will limit the amount of people inside the gym and allow you to come to terms with the new covid secure system. Remember your hand sanitiser and maybe throw in some antibacterial wipes for quickness.

A change in 'the norm' means certain things are going to have to be adjusted. There will be no way (unless you have continued lifting throughout lockdown), you will be able to lift the same weight as before safely. I am so excited to see my clients again and I am confident that it will be no time at all, till they are comfortable using the kit again safely. I may even see them do a burpee or 2 (when I say may, I mean 100%).

Its time to leave your ego at the door and build your strength back up again. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.

The thing that would be really embarrassing would be, to try to pick up where you left off and do your back in first day back to training. Not smart and not clever!

Choose a lighter weight to start with and see how you go. Your first week back to training will be trail and error, this way you can gauge where you are with your training.

For the love of god, Remember to stretch!

I cannot stress enough, how important it is to stretch before and after your workout. You need to give your muscles chance to properly warm-up and get ready/recover from exercise. Believe me, I know from past experience what this can mean and it's usually walking about like tin-man.

Above all though guys just enjoy it! Your coaches, friends, resident PT or even your fellow members are going to be happy to see you! Have the best first session back team because I know I will!

Remember guys, if you need that extra bit of help, you know I am always here for you!

Lauren O

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