Transform your body and mind anywhere in the world.

Working with me online, provides the support and accountability you may need to achieve your goals, from a place that suits you.

As your coach, a training plan can be formed, adapting to suit your individual needs based on your experience level.

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  • Video tutorials covering correct form, execution and technique

  • Introductory exercise program

  • Nutritional advice 

  • Recorded personalised progress reviews


  • Progressive training plan 

  • Macro based nutritional advice

  • Recorded personalised progress reviews

  • Optional HITT workouts

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"I have been training with Lauren for just under three months and am so glad I started. I have never been one to lose weight so the idea of losing a kilo - let alone my goal of 20 - was unimaginable.
Lauren put together a home workout plan adapted to the weights I have at home, with workouts suited to living in a flat. She is super flexible, coaching me from a whole other time zone as I live in Thailand, and helping me adapt my plan as I travel for work often.
I am enjoying her workouts so much, love being kept accountable and seeing my progress - and most of all, without a draconian diet! Lauren is kind, patient and super encouraging: I recommend her to anyone who wants to see a change in themselves!".

Nikita Héloïse Harrison



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