What happens in my 1-1 sessions

The most popular option as you get 1 hour of the personal trainers (me) undivided attention.  It allows you to ask any questions and get right into a fitness regime with someone to be accountable to every week.  In these sessions you will start to understand how your body moves, correct form, flexibility and technique that will all work towards your fitness goals. Personal Training sessions should not be something to dread, but something to look forward to until exercise then becomes your way of de-stressing.

How does group training work?

Group training can be that extra push that you may need! Whether it’s you and your partner or even your best pal, you can both work hard and support each to meet your fitness goals. This can sometimes be easier than doing it alone because you won’t have the temptation around you. You both are a team!

What else is included in your 1-1 and group packages?

Exercise Plan
Nutritional advice
Round the clock support and contact
Check-in and programme reviews

What Is The Empowerment Project

 “ A goal without a plan is just an idea.”

I set 2 goals when I started my fitness journey; to feel more confident and hit a size 12. 6 dress sized and 10 stone later, I achieved my goals and now, I want to share my passion to empower exercise with in you and help to find your fire for fitness.

This is where the Empowerment Project started. The idea; to create a bootcamp bringing likeminded people together to support one another, whilst working towards your individual goals as a unit.


With 4 week, 8 week and 12 week packages, why wouldn’t you want to commit to be fit?

What is Included in Empowerment Project?

. Weekly Meal Suggestions – targeting fat loss
. 2 x Group PT sessions a week
. 24 hour contact
. Hoodie
. Facebook/whatsapp group
. Online Challenges
. Home & gym workouts to do on your own
. Check-in and progress reviews

When are intakes for Empowerment Project?

There are three intakes available to apply for with the Empowerment Project. 

New Years Edition (Jan-March)

Summer Slay (May-Jul)

Festive Fire (Oct-Dec)